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    (via drinking-binge-for-broadway-arrest-645310.html”>LaBeouf blames Irish drinking binge for Broadway arrest) - Shia LaBeouf appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last night and gave a rundown of that famous night when he got arrested during the intermission of the Broadway show Cabaret.
    Apparently it all began drinking whiskey in Ireland.
    “I was coming back from Ireland, visiting by girl, and in Ireland - like when you go to Rome you have spaghetti - when you go to Ireland you drink whiskey.”
    Not a fan of a cup of Barrys then Shia?
    Watch the rest for yourself.
    Though we cannot fault his storytelling abilities.

    Binge drinking is a ‘cluster bomb’ for health issues, warn scientists ) - Researchers at the University of Missouri School of Medicine say they have identified epigenetic protein changes caused by binge drinking.
    ‘We know that chronic alcohol use is damaging to the liver, but binge drinking amplifies that damage,’ said Shivendra Shukla, who led the research.
    Excessive alcohol use is one of the most common causes of chronic liver failure.
    Long-term liver damage from alcohol use is irreversible.
    Excessive alcohol use is also associated with high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, cancer and digestive problems.

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    Posted by DCFemella
    Source Daily Mail

    A 16-year-old boy from Wellington drank himself to death after a binge drinking session with friends at a river bank, a coroner has found.

    Coroner Ian Smith has found Michael Lafou, 16, died near the Hutt River in Wellington as a result of acute alcohol toxicity.

    In his findings, Coroner Smith said the background to the “tragic” death was “murky”.

    It was believed Michael died sometime between August 28 and 29 in 2012.

    Binge drinking is a problem on college and university campuses around the country, and a recent Arlington Catholic Herald article discusses what some Catholic colleges are doing to remedy the situation. Two of the campuses featured in the article—Christendom College and The Catholic University of America—are also recommended in The Newman Guide, which includes a section describing campus policies for promoting the virtue of sobriety. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), nearly four out of five students in college drink alcohol, with half of them consuming alcohol through binge drinking. The NIAAA also reports that an estimated 3,360,000 students drive under the influence, more than 696,000 students are assaulted by a student who has been drinking, and more than 97,000 students are victims of alcohol-related sexual abuse or rape. (via Catholic Colleges Are Working to Address Binge Drinking on Campus)

    Science Shows That Pop Music Is Actually Brainwashing Kids to Drink - It turns out the music we listen to has a significant and measurable impact on our drinking habits. A recent study conducted by Dartmouth College and the University of Pittsburgh showed that teenagers who like songs with explicit alcohol references are two to three times more likely to engage in binge drinking than teenagers who aren’t familiar with booze-addled pop.

    Kim Jong-Un ‘in hospital with fractured ankles after ballooning to 20st’) - There have been earlier suggestions that Kim’s obesity and binge drinking have brought on gout which confined him to his residence for several days.

    Posted by DCFemella
    Source Daily Mail

    There are valid arguments on both sides of the issue.

    One of the most vocal groups against lowering the drinking age is Mothers Against Drunk Driving. On their website, MADD states: We support the 21 Minimum Legal Drinking Age (MLDA) because it saves lives, prevents injuries, and protects still-developing brains. That’s not to say that underage drinking doesn’t still happen, but rather that we need to focus on ways to improve education and enforcement of the existing law — not try to change it.”

    A Gallup Poll taken in July of this year suggests that most Americans agree with MADD. A staggering 74 percent of people surveyed were against lowering the MLDA to 18.

    Proponents for lowering the MLDA are just as vocal. In April of this year, Camille Paglia wrote in Time Magazine, “…the National Minimum Drinking Age Act, passed by Congress 30 years ago this July, is a gross violation of civil liberties and must be repealed.”

    Rise in sex attacks on young girls blamed on binge-drinking boys ) - Rise in sex attacks on young girls blamed on binge-drinking boys
    By Hull Daily Mail | Posted: September 25, 2014

    By Faye Preston

    'CONCERNING': A rise in sexual offences where both victim and offender are children has been blamed on teenage boys drinking too much.
    ‘CONCERNING’: A rise in sexual offences where both victim and offender are children has been blamed on teenage boys drinking too much.
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    BINGE-drinking teenage boys are to blame for a worrying rise in sex assaults on young girls, police say.

    Humberside Police figures show the number of sex attacks where the offender and victim are both under 18 are increasing at a rapid rate.

    Now, Assistant Chief Constable Alan Leaver has said more must be done to tackle the issue.

    He said: “There is one common factor to be found in both suspects and victim and that is alcohol consumption.

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    Fraternities Are Their Own Worst Enemies, Not Drunk Girls ) - Bill Frezza, the president of the alumni house corporation for MIT fraternity Chi Phi Beta, wrote a post on Forbes’ contributor network on Tuesday entitled “Drunk Female Guests Are the Gravest Threat to Fraternities.” In the article, which has since been taken down but can be viewed through Google cache here (note the incredibly offensive stock image of a drunk girl in the post), he argues that female students who binge drink before going to fraternity house parties are more responsible for frat closures and suspensions than the actions of the frat members themselves. He implies that these intoxicated girls are the cause of sexual assault allegations, not the drunk boys who allegedly attack them. And he ignores altogether the prevalent problem of death and injury by hazing at frats.

    Posted by DCFemella
    Source TIME

    A MAN whose body was found at a block of flats in Hampshire died of alcohol intoxication, an inquest heard.

    The hearing heard how Guy St John Loveday’s body was discovered by residents of Valentine Close, in Fareham, inside the bin shed where he had been sleeping rough.

    As previously reported by the Daily Echo his death was initially being treated as suspicious by police but Portsmouth coroner’s court last night heard that the 50-year-old, a known alcoholic, died on April 30 of alcohol poisoning.

    A post-mortem examination revealed that his blood alcohol level was five-and-a-half times the legal driving limit. Pathologist Dr Basil Purdue said that Mr Loveday also had alcoholic ketoacidosis, a potentially life-threatening condition caused by alcoholism.

    The UK-based drinks group is offering the funding through its new global initiative, Diageo Technology Ventures (DTV).

    Through the initiative, Diageo intends to partner with entrepreneurs and burgeoning tech companies to develop solutions to a series of drinks industry-related issues.

    To begin with, Diageo is seeking applications from companies with ideas that can encourage consumers to drink more responsibly, by tapping into existing digital behaviour.

    Idaho woman gives IV to girl, 14, with alcohol poisoning instead of calling 911  - A 37-year-old Idaho woman was determined not to stop a teen drinking party even after she thought a 14-year-old girl passed out due to alcohol poisoning.
    Instead of calling for an ambulance, Jennifer A. Phippen administered an IV to the unconscious girl at a party last month, according to the Ada County Sheriff’s Office.
    Phippen was charged with two counts of felony injury to child for neglecting the juvenile’s medical situation, and for providing the girl and other underage kids with alcohol for the Aug. 24 birthday party for a teenage boy, police said.

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