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    The UK-based drinks group is offering the funding through its new global initiative, Diageo Technology Ventures (DTV).

    Through the initiative, Diageo intends to partner with entrepreneurs and burgeoning tech companies to develop solutions to a series of drinks industry-related issues.

    To begin with, Diageo is seeking applications from companies with ideas that can encourage consumers to drink more responsibly, by tapping into existing digital behaviour.

    Idaho woman gives IV to girl, 14, with alcohol poisoning instead of calling 911  - A 37-year-old Idaho woman was determined not to stop a teen drinking party even after she thought a 14-year-old girl passed out due to alcohol poisoning.
    Instead of calling for an ambulance, Jennifer A. Phippen administered an IV to the unconscious girl at a party last month, according to the Ada County Sheriff’s Office.
    Phippen was charged with two counts of felony injury to child for neglecting the juvenile’s medical situation, and for providing the girl and other underage kids with alcohol for the Aug. 24 birthday party for a teenage boy, police said.

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    A new medical video encouraging healthcare professionals to talk with patients who drink alcohol about the importance of moderation will begin airing this month in thousands of physicians’ offices, acute care hospitals and military facilities across the country, according to David Holden, Senior Producer for Mission Critical Health.
    The news report, hosted by American Medical Women’s Association President Dr. Farzanna Haffizulla and produced by Mission Critical Health (MCH), provides healthcare professionals and their patients with important science-based information on alcohol and health from the U.S. Dietary Guidelines and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
    Healthcare professionals can play an important role in educating patients about moderate drinking. In fact, according to the CDC, alcohol screening and counseling is an effective health service but it is often underutilized by healthcare providers.

    A MAN died after drinking so much his blood alcohol level was more than five times the legal limit for driving.

    Frank Leadbitter, 46, was found collapsed in his sitting room at home in Christchurch Place, Peterlee, an inquest heard.

    Detective Sergeant Joanne Long of Durham Police told the hearing at the Coroners’ Court in Crook she was called to the house in the early hours of July 8.

    “Concerns had been raised by members of his family,” said Det Sgt Long. “Inquiries found Mr Leadbitter had existing alcohol issues. There was evidence of drinking in the house, including empty alcohol containers and drinking vessels.

    “Mr Leadbitter had been in company for part of the day, but there is no evidence of any third party involvement in his death or suspicious circumstances.”

    A post mortem examination found Mr Leadbitter died from acute alcohol intoxication.

    Foreign students should be careful when they drink too much in Rome

    For a young, English-speaking tourist, Rome’s flourishing nightlife offers plenty of options, from jazz bars to disco clubs. Exploring the city at night allows visitors to view Rome from a new perspective and enjoy the movida, the culture that comes alive after dark. As well as the monuments that draw visitors to the city in the first place, there is also a trendy and vibrant bar scene for a young audience. However it is important to know how to navigate these areas safely and to be aware of the dangerous drinking culture and the pitfalls that exist for foreign students.

    Busy late-night bars in Campo de’ Fiori or north of the Ponte Milvio, and small, cramped clubs in Trastevere attract flocks of American students and other young foreign tourists. However, along with more customers has come an increase in violence and unsafe behaviour. From mass brawls to physical and sexual assaults, the popular places for visitors to experience Rome’s nightlife have evolved into troublesome areas.

    Binge drinking remains a problem on campuses and while the immediate concern of what happens when you lose control and all its implications is important, many students are unaware of the long-term health implications.

    In the era of gender equality, it is noted that the rates for women have increased but men still remain the majority of binge drinkers.

    So what constitutes a binge? While there are varied definitions one includes having 5 or more drinks at a time.

    The pattern is usually not to drink during the week, then drink many on the weekend.

    Binge drinking is more common in college students than non-college students. The reasons are thought to be that students are mostly unmarried people without a partner to reign them in, there is no parental control and easy access as many of their peers are of legal age.

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    September is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Awareness Month. To mark this occasion, the Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is leading the way in increasing awareness and educating women on the importance of not drinking alcohol during pregnancy.
    Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders can only be caused by a woman drinking alcohol while pregnant. Despite myths, there is no scientific evidence available that sets a “safe” amount of alcohol that will not affect the developing fetus.

    The U.S. Surgeon General, the Center for Disease Control, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists all advise pregnant women and women who could become pregnant, to abstain completely from alcohol during pregnancy.

    Recently, numerous colleges across the country have allowed alcohol to be consumed on their campuses. Texas Tech has joined this trend by allowing alcoholic beverages in the West Village Residence hall and at some on- campus events.
    This loosening of Tech’s traditional “dry campus” policy will be detrimental to student safety and the mission of the university as a whole. Upon recognition of this, alcoholic beverages should again be banned on all university property.
    As far as student safety is concerned, the consumption of alcoholic beverages poses a number of risks.
    Obviously, as alcohol use increases, so will the number of individuals who drink and drive, especially given the flaws in “Safe Ride” and other such well-meaning programs. Drunk driving is a major killer of college students.

    An Open Letter To My Son About Underage Drinking

    Sister of tragic Hull lawyer Leonora Kawecki warns alcohol will claim more victims

    The study, Drinking to Reach the Top was conducted by Dr Tara Dumas, a postdoctoral fellow at Canada’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. He observed the drinking habits of 357 young adults in Ontario between May and July 2012. He recruited them as a part of the study of bargoers, along with their friends. Participants were questioned on their drinking habits, focusing on how often they over do it, specifying the amount of alcohol they consumed. They were asked if their drinking habits influence their peer’s opinions and perceptions about them. They were also analysed on their drinking habits, the number of drinks consumed and their frequency.

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